Many people want to make the most out of their idle funds without having to deal with the risks of investing. This solution works well when it comes to short-term expenses and emergency funds. But what about that extra money? Money you want to put aside for special occasions in the future?

If you have money to save for the longer term, then you're in a good position to really make your money grow. That's where Etiqa’s range of insurance savings solutions come in. They give you a level of protection, so you can still have enough money available as originally you planned should anything unforeseen happen to you. They’re ideal for savers who want to make the most of their wealth but are adverse to taking risks associated with shares or unit trusts. 

Ensuring your money works as hard for you as possible with little or no risk is an Art.

This is where Etiqa can help.


When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, there are a huge variety of options available. In fact, so many that it can be confusing. Yet once you understand the options, you’ll soon be able to make confident choices. All investments carry a degree of risk, but some are riskier than others. Once you have established a solid foundation of savings for the short term, you may want to consider Etiqa’s investment solutions to provide more growth potential over a longer period. These can not only help with your income needs, but also ensure your money can create a lasting legacy after you’re gone.

We all have future expectations... to be able to afford some of life's luxuries, to give our children a head start, or to have an enjoyable retirement free from financial worries. But is your money really working for you? With cash savings you will receive interest, but over time the value of your money could be eroded by the effects of inflation. The Art of Investing is to balance the amount of money you have in cash for the short term with the amount invested in more customised solutions that best suit your individual needs and risk appetite.


How We Can Help

Etiqa’s mission is to help customers grow and protect their wealth. As a joint venture between Maybank and Ageas, Etiqa is recognised as a trusted financial brand and is respected for the promises we deliver to our customers. Etiqa is a modern and disruptive company in the insurance industry, with a relentless dedication to constantly innovate new solutions for our clients.  

At Etiqa, we believe we have a responsibility to help people plan for a better future and secure their legacy. That's why we created Premier by Etiqa, a curated range of quality insurance solutions developed for the modern day consumer.

We form trusted partnerships with our customers and financial advisers to remove the financial concerns many people face today. Etiqa can help you plan for multiple goals and make the right decisions at important financial moments.