If you’d like to have high coverage to protect your loved ones

Legacy planning preserves and protects the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate and enables your loved ones to live their best life with a lasting reminder of your love. 

ePREMIER legacy III can help you achieve this by giving you high levels of protection to help grow and preserve your wealth, leaving the most precious gift of legacy in the lives of those closest to you. It provides you with death, accidental death and terminal illness cover with a high guaranteed death benefit and stable guaranteed cash in value. 



ePREMIER legacy IV

If you’d like to enjoy the flexibility of liquidity and increasing cash values

Building wealth has always been more than just living the good life. Love can’t be measured in terms of wealth, but making sure your inheritance gets to the right people at the right time can be a lasting reminder of how much you care.

ePREMIER legacy IV can help enhance and preserve your wealth whilst also giving you options of liquidity should you need it, ensuring those closest to you can continue with the lifestyle you aspire for them. It provides you with death and terminal illness cover with a high guaranteed death benefit and an incremental guaranteed cash in value.


ePREMIER eternity presto

If you wish to have a regular income now that can be passed down through generations

Most people work hard to live a comfortable lifestyle and give their loved ones a secure future. Choosing between looking after your own financial needs today, whilst also securing the financial future of your loved ones can be a real challenge. 

ePREMIER eternity presto is an all-inclusive solution to meet your income and legacy planning needs. Whether you’re looking to grow your assets for a more comfortable retirement, or seamlessly pass on your wealth from one generation to the next, this flexible plan can help by providing you with lifetime income that can be passed down to the ones you love when you’re gone.


ePREMIER infinite

If you wish to have a regular income and prefer to pay your premium over 4 years

Some people prefer to allocate their capital for other uses and would rather pay their premium in installments instead of in one lump sum. ePREMIER infinite provides you with a lifetime income similar to ePREMIER eternity presto, whilst also giving you the flexibility of paying your premium in four annual installments. You're then free to use your money to capitalise on other asset management opportunities whilst securing lifetime income that can be passed down through three generations. 


ePREMIER lifetime

ePREMIER lifetime is a US dollar-denominated Universal Life insurance plan designed to enhance your wealth continuously and leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones, so you can live life on your own terms.

A flexible, multi-purpose financial solution, ePREMIER lifetime addresses your ever changing needs, such as Legacy Protection, Asset Diversification, and Business Continuity. Your premium grows over time and includes a death benefit to provide the security of financial protection for your loved ones.