ePREMIER infinite

ePREMIER infinite is a Whole of Life insurance plan, providing you with a lifetime income that can be passed down to through 3 generations. And there are no medical questions or exams needed.

ePREMIER infinite is a is perfect solution for people who want an income for life, whilst also creating a legacy for their loved ones in the future. This plan allows the premium to be paid in equal installments over 4 years. It provides an income for life which can be passed down through 3 generations as per your wishes (i.e. to your children and then to your grandchildren).

Why should I be interested in ePREMIER infinite?

Increasing Lifetime Monthly Income

You will receive a monthly income for life starting from the 1st anniversary of the policy. You will also receive an additional bonus as a cash sum every 15th anniversary, increasing your wealth.

Premium Paid Over 4 years with Hassle Free Application

To help with your cash flow needs, the premium will be paid in 4 installments over 4 years. The policy provides a lifetime of income and death protection. And the simple application process means you won’t be asked any medical questions or need to have any health tests.

Contact your Independent Financial Adviser

ePREMIER infinite is available at many of Singapore’s leading Independent Financial Adviser companies. Contact your local Adviser and ask for ePREMIER infinite from Etiqa.


Preserve the life you built for those you love.

How can I find out more?

Brochure: ePREMIER infinite (EN)

General Provisions: ePREMIER infinite

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As a member of the Maybank Group, ePREMIER infinite is available at Maybank branches across Singapore. Contact your Relationship Manager for more information.


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